In Indian astrology, when the moon enters an ecliptic segment of its orbit around the earth, it is said to occupy one of twenty-eight lunar mansions (or nakshatram in sanskrit). Ardra is the birth lunar mansion of ARDRA Labs’ founder, Nava Krishnan.

To connect with his family in South India, Nava relied on his many trusted GMT watches over the years. He could locate his parents in time, but with a caveat: he would have to round down by 30 minutes, because the traditional GMT movement couldn’t display the unusual 5 hour and 30 minute offset time zone of Indian Standard Time.

A novel idea, multiple design iterations, a memorable trip to Baselworld, and several prototypes later, Nava launched ARDRA Labs with the backing of manufacturing partners and investors who share his love for horology and innovation.

The boundary-pushing ethos of Ardra Labs is to continue demonstrating with forthcoming creations that it is possible for smaller, independent watchmakers or microbrands to operate within the confines of the resources available to us to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

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